New Transition!

We have new home at VinLab. VinLab is a platform with comprehensive labeling solutions for Medical Imaging.​

VinDr Lab:
Open-source software for Medical AI Annotation

Building high-quality datasets and algorithms
with VinDr Lab tools

Why choose VinDr Lab?

Open Source

Open labeling platform with essential functions.

By Medical Experts

Experienced medical experts worked with us to build VinDr Lab annotation tools

By AI Engineers

Software is built by AI engineers and for AI engineers

Our features

Project Management

Manage full medical data cycle at study level

Control workflow with blind and/or open annotating

Track project progress and status of each task

Label Management

Customize preset label groups or create a new one

Allow hierarchical labels

Arrange the order of labels appearing to labelers

Annotation Tools

View DICOM images with full-fledged toolboxes

Annotate with Bounding Box, Polygon, Brush

Elaborate annotations with notes and comments

Task Management

Re-assign tasks if unsatisfactory

Monitor the distribution of labels in a project

Control versions of exported labels

Medical Experts confirm

100+ experienced radiologists used VinDr Lab to create high-quality datasets of multiple imaging modalities.

Open Source software

VinDr Lab is available under an open-source, commercially-permissive software license (MIT). The license does not impose restriction on the use of the software.

Open Source application

VinDr Lab provides a high-level web-interface equibbed with advanced annotation tools and project management features.

VinDr Lab documentation

Documentation includes Our Design, User and Developer Guide.

VinDr Laboratory - Our public demo

This demo site give you an interactive demo with view only permission.
It's also a Datahub where we hosted all our public datasets.

VinDr Labelling - Our full demo

Full demo give you access to project as a manager: assign, labeling and more