Giải pháp chẩn đoán hình ảnh thông minh

Vì sao chọn chúng tôi

Triển khai nhanh gọn

With lightning deployment and integration, your PACS and viewer are at hand in just minutes

Đọc ảnh thông minh

Smart-read your images with a full-fledged DICOM viewer, integrated with vast intelligent tools for image analysis

Truy cập mọi nơi

No need to maintain local servers, teleradiology has been made easy with cloud storage and web-based viewer

Mô hình triển khai

VinDr PACS offers a flexibility between cloud and on-premise deployments, or a hybrid of them, depending on the requirements of the hospitals or clinics.

Tính năng nổi bật

Giải pháp PACS Cloud

Safely store your data on cloud

Access through web browser with zero installation

Read images and create reports anytime and anywhere

Remotely consult experts’ opinions

Provide a portal for patients to access their radiology records

Support English and Vietnamese languages

Tuân thủ tiêu chuẩn quốc tế

VinDr PACS is compliant with the global standards DICOM, HL7, IHE, HIPAA to provide great interoperability with other systems.

Quản lý danh sách ca chụp

Provides standard filters and advanced search 

Synchronizes with HIS and modalities 

Updates status according to the hospital-defined workflow    

Shows all related exams with the same PID

Displays triage flags suggested by Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) tools

Trình đọc ảnh DICOM

Standard image processing tools, annotation tools, cine

Multiple 3D rendering modes: VR, MPR, MIP

User-defined hotkeys and preset window levels

DICOM tag browser 

Supports downloading DICOM files and image

Làm báo cáo và trả kết quả

Provides an editor to prepare the report inside the viewer

Supports various report templates 

Automatically selects report template based on the order

Shows report history

Supports digital signatures

Provides QR code and link to the patient portal

Công cụ hỗ trợ chẩn đoán (CAD)

Supports both automatic and manual analysis of images

Highlights suspected lesions on the images

Suggests a probability of abnormality for each exam

Displays triage flags on the worklist

Supports analyzing 7 types of images: Chest X-ray, Spine X-ray, Mammography, Chest CT, Liver CT, Brain CT, and Brain MRI

Giao diện cho quản trị viên

Supports creation & configuration of a new deployment site

Manages accounts and permissions

Manages orders received from HIS and matches them with performed exams

Provides dashboard visualization and statistic reports

Yêu cầu phần cứng và phần mềm



Operating System

Windows 7 (32/64bit) / 8 (32/64bit) / 10, Linux, MacOS

Web Browser

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox

PC Workstation

CPU: ≥ 2 cores 3.0Ghz

RAM: ≥ 4GB
HDD: ≥ 500GB

SSD: Optional

GPU: Optional


Monitor: ≥ 24inch FHD

Medical monitor: Optional

Internet Connection

Bandwidth: ≥ 40 Mbps

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